Patch 1.0.2

Install Instructions

Step by step video : HERE

1)  Download "ALLCADE Patch"

2)  Right click on "ALLCADE Patch" and select "Extract All"

3)  Make sure "Show extracted files when complete" is selected

4)  Click Extract

5)  Copy "settings.vis" onto an empty USB flash drive

6)  Connect ALLCADE to TV and power on.

7)  After booting into the ALLCADE menu, Plug in USB flash drive

8)  New menu option will appear, navigate to gear icon

9)  Navigate down to Wi-Fi and press "A"

10) Select your wifi and enter your password

11) Press A on curved arrow to the right of the letter "p"

12) Wait 30 seconds before selecting "Reboot" from the main menu

13) After the system has rebooted, select Information from the menu

14) Select Network Information and copy down your (wlan0) Address

15) Leave ALLCADE running and go back to your computer

16) Double click on "ALLCADE Patch Utility.exe"

17) Enter your (wlan0) Address into the IP Address field

18) Wait for the software to find your system and select Update "ALLCADE"

19) Once update has completed return to your ALLCADE and disable wifi

20) Remove USB flash drive and Start gaming!.