• ALLCADE 64-Bit

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    The 64-Bit ALLCADE comes in a classic N64 style cartridge with a power supply and at least one 64-Bit controller. The 64-Bit ALLCADE is backwards compatible, it will play all 8-Bit and 16-Bit games as well.
    You can add more games to the emulator in seconds using any USB flash drive. Our customized operating system will automatically recognize and install your game backups. The 64-Bit ALLCADE runs an overclocked quad core 64 bit processor with automated active cooling so it runs silently until you need the power. This is all the performance that most 64 bit titles need and we are proud to outperform other mini pc emulators in games like Super Smash Bros with nearly flawless gameplay. So if you're looking for a pocket-sized system to run the classics from a Day of Mario 64 to a 4 player night of Beerio Kart (click here if you're unfamiliar) this is the system for you.

    - 1 pocket sized console, ready to plug in and play.
    - 1 controller designed to work perfectly with the console you choose.
    - 1 power source.
    - 1 retro style game, to get you playing right out of the box.
    - The ability to drag and drop your game backups(ROMS) onto your console via USB flash drive.

    *HDMI cable not included



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