What games does an ALLCADE come with?

Every ALLCADE emulator system comes pre-loaded with 1 locally made game, designed to look like a classic game, and show off the capabilities of the system

Can I use any controllers?

Our custom controllers are button mapped specifically for our systems. Other controllers may work, but the the buttons may not be mapped correctly (buttons  might act like a different button instead).

How do I load games onto my ALLCADE?

Game backups from supported systems such as NES, SNES and N64 will automatically load onto the ALLCADE when the USB drive is inserted.

Other types of games (Playstation, Atari, etc) require the USB to remain plugged in to the ALLCADE while the game is being played.

Is there a warranty?

Our controllers have a defect warranty through the manufacturer, so we handle any controller warranty claims. If you have a controller problem, please email us (attaching a photo of the problem speeds up the claims process considerably).

The ALLCADEs and power cords have a manufacturing warranty with us - we will fix any defect in the hardware, software, or power cord at no cost within one year of purchase. 

Where do you ship to?

We offer worldwide shipping, with the option of a tracking number. Local pickup (Edmonton, AB, Canada) is also available.

How do I fix game lag?

We have found that some versions of digital game backups have more lag than others. Try sourcing a different version/source of your game backup.

What type of games can it play?

The ALLCADE automatically loads game backups with the correct file extension for NES(.NES), SNES(.SMC), N64(.N64) and Sega (.MD). Each system is backwards compatible (8-bit plays NES games, 16-bit plays NES and SNES games, and the 64-bit plays NES, SNES, and N64 games).

How do I install Games on my ALLCADE?

Simply copy your game backup files from your computer onto any empty USB Flash Drive. Turn your ALLCADE on, and plug the flash drive onto either USB port. The light will turn purple when the files are being loaded onto the system's memory.When the purple light changes back to red, you can remove the flash drive and start playing your games!



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All ALLCADE products are made and distributed by Made By Sloan in Edmonton Alberta Canada.

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